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Starlab Nanoracks, based in Webster, TX, recently announced its collaboration with Lockheed Martin and Voyager Space (Nanorack’s parent company) to develop Starlab,  an inflatable space station slated to launch in 2027. Starlab will utilize both metal and inflatable components, enabling the space station to be launched, unfolded, and inflated from one rocket

You are the Star! You take the stage, the lights come up, you pick up the microphone, the music begins,  and you belt out your favorite song. When you sing Karaoke, you are the star. Here are eight venues that will make you a star – at least for awhile. Main Event

Carnival announces a new cruise ship to dock in Galveston. The Carnival Jubilee will join Carnival’s other ships sailing from Galveston – the Carnival Vista, Carnival Dream, and Carnival Breeze in 2023. Carnival began offering year-round cruising from Galveston in 2000. The cruise line’s presence has grown as the Port of Galveston

This is the first in a series, leading to the return of astronauts to the Moon in 2024. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, and the moon. The daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo.   The Artemis program is a United

The Space Shuttle program featured the first reusable spacecraft, SpaceX continues the tradition of reusable spacecraft. With the Falcon 9 Rocket Series, SpaceX demonstrates that it is possible to launch, land, and reuse a rocket. Continuing the TraditionOn June 3, 2017, A Falcon 9 rocket (B1035) launched a Dragon capsule, filled with

Among Webster’s 150 restaurants and entertainment venues, more than 50 offer what might be considered America’s favorite food—the beloved hamburger. A look into the huge variety of hamburgers served up at these establishments reveals that burgers, like people, have distinct DNA—no two are exactly alike. With so many components, ingredients, flavors, and

September 28 is officially National Drink-a-Beer day, but every day is a good day for a beer. Beer lovers have more choices available today than ever before. From ales to wheat beers, the choice is yours. Flavored beer is all the rage in certain areas – raspberry, orange-cream, cherry, and pumpkin are

Bar-B-Q has evolved over hundreds of years. German and Czech settlers brought their cooking traditions to Texas in the mid-1800s. Smoking meats in closed pits would allow longer storage and butcher shops became the first Bar-B-Q restaurants. In Texas, beef Bar-B-Q is the most popular, though most restaurants offer a selection of

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” Neil Armstrong transmitted these famous words to Mission Control in Houston upon landing on the moon. The Apollo Mission Control Center at NASA Johnson Space Center is the site where NASA’s flight control team planned, trained, and executed a series of human spaceflight missions to land

Moody Gardens – Enjoy the Rainforest and the Aquarium Pyramids, view movies in 3D and 4D, with giant-screen4K laser projection system and state-of-the art sound. Take a day cruise aroundOffatts Bayou on the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat or enjoy an evening dinnercruise. In addition, visitors will find seasonal attractions such as PalmBeach, a

Package includes coupons, maps, area information, and more.

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